Tailored to fit your individual needs. All massages include hot steam towels and therapeutic essential oils.

30 Minute80+
60 Minute110+
90 Minute140+
120 Minute180+
Reflexology (30 min)40+
Pressure point massage to the feet for relaxation or specific ailments. (Stand alone treatment)

Add-On Services for Massage

Couples10+ each
Reflexology (15 min)20+
Pressure point massage to the feet only for relaxation or specific ailments. (Can be added to any massage)
Relaxing Eye Treatment25+
Hydrating and brightening eye treatment
Deep Tissue15+
Hot Stone15+

Body Treatments

Original Body Treatment60 Minute - $125+90 Minute - $140+
Comes with scrubbing, toning, and oil massage from our tranquility line, featuring notes of orange, cedarwood, and Damascus rose.
Deep Body Renewal Treatment (90 min)$160+
Peel, scrub, mud wrap with moisturizing cream and oil massage. Remodeling body mud for removing 85% of cellulite.
Tranquility Body Treatment (90 min)$160+
Ritual act of slow, relaxed motion with tranquility brush and sounds. Features aromas to ensure deep relaxation, wellness, and pro sleep.