COVID-19 Safety

To provide the best possible experience for both our guests and staff, we have set forth the below guidelines (in addition to those set by local and federal law) that will improve everyone’s safety and comfort. Please carefully review.


  • Glass partition surrounding the Front Desk, between shampoo stations and at the nail stations
  • Installation of a robust air exhaust system which circulates new air up to 4x per hour. The system has been strategically placed to maximize the removal of air at the service stations
  • Service stations distanced more than 6 feet apart (exceeding recommendations)
  • Heightened safety protocol for staff, which includes systematic sanitization and self-symptom checks prior to, and as needed, for each shift. Face mask use as recommended by the CDC.
  • Sanitizer is available throughout salon and spa
  • A “Focused Cleaning Team” to continually  sanitize contact areas in the Salon throughout the Day
  • Enhanced laundry protocols per CDC and OSHA recommended best practices



    • Stay home if you are not feeling well. We can reschedule your appointment
    • Please do not bring family or friends to your appointment (elderly, handicapped and one parent of a child receiving a service are exceptions).
    •  Cash payments accepted – please plan on cash, debit or credit card for payment
    • Gratuities can be made by debit/credit payment, cash or an alternative electronic payment
    • Bring minimal belongings
    • Please refrain from handling retail items. A team member will assist you for any purchases
    • Face masks, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and latex gloves available

    **Covid-19 has required that we adhere to CDC & MDH guidelines. We’ve increased sanitizing measures, supplies and engineering to include distancing and a robust air exhaust system.